Day of Russia
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Day of Russia

Dear compatriots and friends of Russia!

June 12 is our National Day – the Day of Russia. We invite all of you to celebrate it online together at our accounts in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!

Message by Ambassador of Russia to Singapore Andrey Tatarinov on the occasion of Russian National Day

Dear Friends,

On June 12 we celebrate our National Day – the Day of Russia. It marks the establishment of the present-day Russian Federation, manifests the new nation building principles of independence, freedom and rule of law, incarnates the belief in the bright future of our country and its people.

Today we honor our Fatherland – a country with millennia-long history, unique cultural heritage, high moral values, which through centuries not only harmoniously united different regions and peoples within its vast territory, but also acted as a guarantor of international peace and stability.

Despite unavoidable and sometimes painful transformations, our nation proved its ability to respond to any challenge. Russia has strengthened its territorial integrity, built partnership with key global players, mobilized domestic and attracted foreign investments, increased internal production, modernized the armed forces and finally re-established itself as a major power that has its say in global affairs.

Russia has a lot to be proud with. Its territory is the largest in the world, occupying around 40% of Europe and almost whole northern part of Asia. Its army, which has always safeguarded the country’s independence and protected national interests, established a reputation as one of the world’s strongest and most effective.

Our history is rich with many glorious pages. One of the most important is probably the victory over Nazism in 1945. To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of that Great Victory the President of Russia announced the current jubilee as “the Year of Remembrance and Honoring”. We are looking forward to the grand parade on the Red Square in June and the march of the Immortal Regiment in July to honor once again the memory of the people who, by their unity and solidarity, industriousness and dedication, incredible love for the Fatherland, have provided us with peace, freedom and independence.

Russian science and education system are well-known and respected globally. Russian explorers discovered more than 1/6 part of the world territory, including Arctic and Antarctic. Our cosmonaut Yury Gagarin was the first man in outer space. Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Lobachevskiy – hardly anybody is not familiar with these names.

Russian culture, diverse and expressive, has always been an inherent and essential part of the world’s cultural heritage. Poems and novels by Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others are translated into many languages and loved by international readers. Music by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich is a must at any classical music concert. And Russian ballet has already become a “special feature” of our country’s heritage.

Russia – one of the UN co-founders and permanent members of its Security Council – is a strong advocate of durable international peace and security. The maintenance and strengthening of international cooperation and rule of law is among its priorities in the world arena. Our country has also repeatedly stressed the importance of upholding international law.

In its relations with all foreign partners Russia has always been supportive of the positive unifying agenda, and stood against of any unilateral sanctions or restrictions. It is especially important now, when the world is fighting COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken thousands of lives globally and led to the most serious global public health crisis in a century. During the emergency summit of the Group of Twenty on March 26, President Vladimir Putin voiced the initiative to create “green corridors” free of trade wars and sanctions for mutual deliveries of medicines, foods, equipment and technologies. We welcomed and supported the statement by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who urged the parties to regional armed conflicts to promptly stop combat operations and introduce a ceasefire. Unfortunately, not many of our Western partners supported these initiatives.

In the face of COVID-19 Russia has taken effective measures to stop spreading of the virus and secure people’s health. The death rate from this disease in our country is one of the lowest in the world (appr. 1,2%).

I believe that the current epidemiological situation will not impede our compatriots and all friends of our country from celebrating this great holiday of national unity and pride.

On this auspicious occasion I would like to wish everyone good health, peace and well-being!