The Great Victory Day
Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Singapore
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09 may / 2021

The Great Victory Day

Dear compatriots and our Singaporean friends,

We cordially congratulate you on the occasion of our national holiday - the Great Victory Day!

This sacred day - May 9 - we keep dear to our hearts and souls as a symbol of heroism, courage, bravery and incomparable patriotism of Soviet soldiers and soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition, who defended the world from German fascist enslavement at the cost of their own lives.

With the crucial role of the Soviet Union, 76 years ago the unconditional victory over nazism in the Second World War was achieved, which claimed tens of millions of lives and caused inhuman sufferings to all mankind.

It is our sacred duty today to preserve and defend the historical truth about WWII, preventing any falsifications or manipulations of the events of those days.
We pay tribute and are proud of the feat of our heroes!

Happy Victory Day!