Tourist visa
Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Singapore
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Tourist visa

To apply for a TOURIST VISA you must have:

A TOURIST CONFIRMATION VOUCHER (clear scanned copies) issued by a Russian travel agency or a Russian hotel which has the license to invite foreign tourists (such license is indicated on the Tourist Confirmation as a Reference Number - MBT XXXXXX). According to a tourist confirmation voucher, a  single- or double-entry visa can be issued for the period of up to 3 months or a multiple-entry visa for up to  6 months (with no more than 90 days of total duration of stay within 180 days).

Or a HOTEL BOOKING CONFIRMATION (clear scanned copy) issued by a hotel or a resort facility in Russia for a single-entry visa in accordance with the dates specified in hotel booking (up to 3 months).* 

*Note: in case of the cancellation of a hotel booking a tourist visa will become invalid.

Your Tourist Confirmation Voucher or Hotel booking confirmation defines:

The date of entry to Russia and the date of exit from Russia (you may enter Russia on or after the date indicated in your visa, and leave Russia on or before the date indicated in your visa) and your personal details as per your travel document;

If you visit Russia as a registered Cruise Vessel passenger, you do not need a visa for 72 hours provided you spend nights onboard and follow the group when leaving the vessel.

Regardless of the visa type the following documents must be submitted to the Consular Section:

1.Completed visa application form signed by the Applicant only

2. Valid national passport (valid for no less than 6 months before the end of the visa period)

3. For Non-Singaporeans – valid Singapore Employment Pass or other Visit Pass/Permanent Resident Identification Card/Disembarkation Card: original AND photocopy.

4. One 3,5x4,5 color picture of an applicant.

5. Travel insurance for the citizens of European Union for the full duration of your stay in Russia.